August 9, 2019

It Takes a Team to Raise a Hacky Winner

Banner of Hacky Award 2019

Working at Intouch means working hard, but that hard work can pay off. Beyond the day-to-day perks like the fresh fruit, fridges packed with sodas and sparkling waters, unlimited coffee and tea, winter happy hours, abbreviated summer Friday hours (qualifying conditions apply), monthly cake days, and so much more, there’s the proverbial “Golden Egg” … the Hacky Award.

The Hacky is awarded at the end of each year, and those who win embody Intouch’s guiding principles, go above and beyond for their teams and/or clients, and truly “Hack Healthcare for the People” – no surprise, then, that it’s called a Hacky.

Winners receive a stipend to use for an experience, typically a trip or activity they wouldn’t normally gift themselves. Past winners have taken parents or children for once-in-a-lifetime adventures, traveled to other countries to volunteer their time, or focused on a personal passion they might not make time for in their everyday lives.

The latest round of Hacky Awards was presented to ten Intouchers from the KC, Chicago and New York offices. In March, we talked with associate creative director Annie Wong about her family trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. This time, we connected with Brian Jaworski, an HR director in the New York office.

Brian, who has been with Intouch for about four-and-a-half years, used the stipend from his Hacky win to travel with his girlfriend to Greece, where his family is from. During their two-week trip, they covered a lot of ground, visiting the islands Santorini, Paros, Antiparos, and Naxos, as well as the capital city, Athens, where Brian’s 92-year-old grandfather still lives. They also got to hang out with his recently married sister, who was there on her honeymoon.

“Coming from a Greek family with grandparents who emigrated from Greece,” Brian said, “the trip was particularly meaningful.”

Brian described the trip as the most incredible one he’s ever taken, and who can argue? They lounged on beaches, snorkeled, hiked to remote villages, spent time with locals, visited wineries, explored ancient ruins, enjoyed local festivals, and ate delicious food. The best part, Brian said, was renting a boat and exploring private beaches, crystal-clear lagoons and smaller islands.

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
When asked about what it took to be nominated for a Hacky, Brian pointed to his colleagues:

“More so than there being a single story [about being nominated], it’s about being part of a team that has a consistent dedication to supporting our employees and striving to make Intouch a better place to work. As Business Partners, we sincerely care about our employees and the organization, and I’d like to think that genuine caring is felt by the people we partner with.”

This team-oriented mindset doesn’t come as a surprise; as we said before, people work hard at Intouch, and to accomplish our goals, we often have to rely on, and collaborate with, our teammates.

“I was honored yet surprised when I was first given the Hacky Award because we have so many incredibly smart, talented, dedicated people equally deserving of the nomination and award,” Brian said. “I’m so grateful that I was provided the opportunity to have this once in a lifetime trip/experience.”

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