March 20, 2020

The Buzz on Intoucher Grace Pollert

Grace before picture

Throughout the year, Intouchers throw themselves into philanthropic efforts that support the health-related causes in which they believe. One exceptional example of one who gives back is Grace Pollert, senior office manager for the Chicago office, who convinced her colleagues to pledge money in exchange for shaving her head for a great cause: finding a cure for childhood cancer.

Grace first learned of St. Baldrick’s from a flier she saw on her train commute over 10 years ago. While the prospect of shaving her head was daunting the first time, raising money for cancer research and treatment had always been close to her heart, especially given her grandmother’s battle with the disease. Since seeing that flier she has participated three times in 11 years!

“I’d shaved my head for St. Baldrick’s two times before, and I’d thought about doing it again passively but hadn’t signed up. Then someone I know from high school’s young son was diagnosed with leukemia and he shared their journey through blog posts,” explains Grace. “It was both heartbreaking to see what hardships they were put through and also heartwarming to see the community rally around them to help in any way they could.”

So, Grace decided to participate again. “Seeing that [blog post] made it really easy to sign up to shave my head again,” says Grace. “No family should have to depend on a Go Fund Me to help their child survive cancer. I want to be part of the fight to find a cure in my small way.”

Grace after picture

Grace brought the event to the agency’s attention, and Intouch was able to secure a donation of $3,000 through the Intouch Philanthropy committee. She had big plans to celebrate at a St. Patrick’s Day happy hour, with a live viewing of her new hairdo, but unfortunately, given the current situation due to COVID-19, most Intouchers have moved to a work-from-home policy and are avoiding large gatherings of people. But that didn’t stop Grace from pulling the trigger anyway! She shaved her head in the comfort of her own home, with her partner, dogs and cat as witnesses. Grace has now exceeded her goal by more than $2k, reaching over $5,000 to date! Check out the photos below and donate here if you’re able.

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