January 21, 2022

Yes, We’re Serious — At Intouch, You Decide Where You Work

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Recently, LinkedIn shared the results of a biweekly survey of 5,000 U.S. professionals, and most striking, say the folks at the career-networking site, is “how much the pandemic-influenced worksite choices of 2020 have persisted.” In short, the survey showed that about half of workers are back onsite; about one-third continue to work remotely full time; and nearly one-fifth work using a hybrid approach.

Remote employees cite many benefits associated with a work-from-home approach – from no commute times to better work-life balance to the improved focus needed to work more efficiently, while detractors point to the lost sense of community that remote work may lead to or the negative effects working in isolation may have on some people. Both sides make valid points, and that’s why at Intouch, employees get to choose where they work, whether it be fully remote, hybrid (some days in the office), or fully in-office. Of course there are a few exceptions — for example, we still have real-life humans on site to greet visitors at our brick-and-mortar locations!

How It Started, How It’s Going
When the pandemic hit, Intouch leadership moved quickly; by March 14, 2020, all of our offices were instructed to transition to fully remote work. During that first year, execs worked diligently to ensure Intouchers received regular updates on the state of COVID and what the company was doing to keep employees safe. As we moved into year 2, the stream of COVID updates from HR slowed a bit … this was becoming old hat, after all, and by March 2021, employees were told they’d be given the opportunity to select their workplace preferences. Intouchers had proven they could not only get the job done — and feel happier doing it — but also help the company be more profitable and successful than ever!

“Intouch is committed to workplace flexibility for our employees, even after state/local restrictions have been lifted and vaccines are widely available,” said HR executive vice president Kristi Veitch at the time.

“Intouch is committed to workplace flexibility for our employees.” ~ Kristi Veitch, Executive Vice President, HR

Now, nearly a year after we were asked to choose where we wanted to work, our flexible workplace policy is going strong, and Intouch execs say they have no intention of returning to a pre-pandemic model. We even have a “flexible workplace hub” Intouchers can visit to get answers to questions they may have about work options.

Protecting Our Culture
But what about the (valid) concern that we might lose our sense of community, of common purpose and the comradery that comes with working in close proximity every day? Intouch has that covered. In addition to our Zoom calls (we had more than 200K in 2021!) and Teams chats, we’ve got a culture team dedicated to keeping Intouchers close, even when we’re thousands of miles apart. From regular trivia and bingo games to group baking and yoga classes, to themed happy hours to a variety of “belonging communities” including Black Intouchers Connect, APIDA Community Link, Women in Science & Health, Pride at Intouch, Latinx Inclusion, Disability Connection and Early Career Professionals … there are so many ways Intouchers can stay connected. And while we understand the risks associated with contracting COVID, we do still (safely, occasionally) get together to socialize – though in-person attendance is never required.

If you’re interested in taking the lead when it comes to where you work, visit our Careers page — along with workplace flexibility, Intouch offers covetable benefits, a plethora of opportunities to grow and learn, and so much more.