January 5, 2021

DHC Group and Intouch Group Publish Whitepaper on Effectively Engaging Audiences in the COVID-19 Era

intouch group press release

The Now & The Next in Pharma Marketing Offers Real-World Solutions Brands Can Start Implementing Today  

NEW YORK, NY (January 5, 2021) — The DHC Group and Intouch Group announced that, together, they have published a new whitepaper titled The Now The Next in Pharma Marketing. The whitepaper delves deep into practical solutions for the challenges pharmaceutical commercial organizations continue to face as a result of the COVID-19 pandemicAreas covered include evolving the pharmaceutical marketing commercial strategy, real-world solutions and specific tactics to implement now, even as COVID-19 vaccines are beginning to be administered. 

In the fall of 2020, Intouch Group and DHC Group partnered to undertake quantitative and qualitative research to explore how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted — and continues to impact — pharmaceutical sales and marketing. Interviews with 22 senior-level stakeholders were conducted; surveys were fielded to 33 pharma executives and 250 physicians in the specialties of primary care, dermatology, gastroenterology, neurology, rheumatology, hematology, and oncologyThemes explored include rep access, telehealth, EHR/EMR opportunities, reviving new prescriptions and more.  

intouch group whitepaper

“Thanks to some outstanding pharmaceutical science and grit, vaccines are on the way, and an end to the pandemic is in sight,” said Intouch Group CEO Faruk Capan. “Nevertheless, our clients tell us they still need solutions they can implement now. This whitepaper is filled with data, lessons, and new ideas for what’s happening now, plus solutions for what comes next.”

“Most brands recognize the world changed – perhaps forever – in 2020,” said Mark Bard, co-founder of DHC Group. While a minority of brands and organizations are content to ‘wait and see’ what 2021 will deliver, the majority have already put innovation efforts into overdrive as they prepare for the data-driven, tech-enabled, and outcomes-focused future of healthcare.” 

Access the whitepaper now at go.intouchg.com/NowandNextPR   

DHC and Intouch Group have partnered since 2014 on projects designed to educate and inform the life sciences industry.  

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DHC Group is a privately held network providing content, media and event services to global clients. The DHC Group preserves the legacy of the Digital Health Coalition, a nonprofit educational think tank formed in 2011 to serve as the collective voice for the discussion of issues relevant to digital marketing of healthcare products and services. Expanding on the scope and mission of that original project by industry thought leaders, the DHC Group provides existing and new clients with a mix of services and thought-leadership opportunities. Contact DHC Group at info@thedhcgroup.com or visit them on the Web at thedhcgroup.com. Learn more about the Digital Health Coalition at digitalhealthcoalition.org. 

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Intouch Group is a privately held full-service agency network, providing creative and media services, enterprise solutions and data analytics globally through seven affiliates in eight offices, including Intouch Solutions, Intouch Proto, Intouch Seven, Intouch International, Intouch Media, Intouch B2D and Intouch Analytics. Collectively, Intouch Group employs more than 1,000 people. With a dedication to the life sciences, Intouch Group operates with the belief that there is no challenge too big to cure. Contact Intouch Group at info@intouchg.com or visit them on the Web at intouchg.com.