November 11, 2021

Intouch Group Launches Medical Communications Affiliate

Intouch Group Press Release

Addition of Intouch MedComm Enables Firm to Deliver Digitally Savvy Science Solutions to Scale Client Business Growth

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (November 11, 2021) – Intouch Group, a full-service global agency network serving the pharmaceutical industry, today announced the addition of Intouch Medical Communications (Intouch MedComm) as its newest affiliate to address the ever-evolving needs of clients.

Fully integrated into the Intouch Group network, Intouch MedComm is composed of a deep bench of digital- and science-savvy MDs, PhDs, and PharmDs, along with other credentialed experts across various disciplines, leveraging decades of global medical affairs experience, and industry-leading omnichannel expertise in over 32 categories and indications. Intouch MedComm applies clinical acumen to create innovative and compelling experiences to enable scientific exchanges that drive deeper brand engagement among HCPs, field forces, and patients.

“Clients have been requesting more modern, innovative, forward-thinking medical communications services, and our legacy of creative and digital prowess, combined with omnichannel expertise, perfectly positions Intouch to deliver,” said Boris Kushkuley, President, Commercial and Consulting Services, Intouch Group. “Intouch MedComm is different from other agencies. We strive to redefine what scientific exchange looks like in a modern world, all while advancing our clients’ business goals.”

Intouch has been creating effective medical communications since its inception in 1999. Medical Communications service offerings have increasingly become a critical part of the marketing mix for Intouch clients. Kushkuley and Joe Wellington MD, SVP, Managing Director, Head of Medical, lead this growing team.  

“Thanks to COVID-19 as a catalyst, the need to modernize medical communications has been propelled even further to the forefront,” said Faruk Capan, CEO of Intouch Group. “I’m looking forward to seeing Intouch MedComm drive even more business success for our clients and Intouch.”

To learn more, visit the Intouch Medical Communications website at

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On Oct. 20, 2021, Intouch Group and EVERSANA announced their intention to join forces; EVERSANA’s acquisition of Intouch is expected to be closed by the end of 2021.