June 26, 2018

Intouch Solutions Reorganizes to Address Evolving Industry; Newly Formed Intouch Group Positions Firm for Expanded Growth

Intouch Solutions Press release

OVERLAND PARK, KS (June 26, 2018) Intouch Solutions is proud to announce the formation of Intouch Group to address the ever-evolving needs of clients. A full-service network employing more than 700 individuals, Intouch Group serves as the parent organization for six affiliates and represents the agency’s diverse suite of capabilities and depth of service offerings.

Intouch Group provides strategic and creative services, media planning and buying, enterprise technology solutions and data analytics to global clients. Its six Intouch affiliates include:

  • Intouch Solutions — A full-service creative agency.
  • Intouch Proto — A full-service creative agency.
  • Intouch International — A full-service global agency and joint venture with
    Healthware International.
  • Intouch Media — A full-service media agency.
  • Intouch B2D — A technology and production services hub.
  • Intouch Analytics — A full-service analytics practice
Image of Intouch Group Logos

Intouch Group provides a flexible working model for clients and employees as the six affiliates work autonomously or in partnership with one another respectively.

“Our clients have been asking for us to align our operations to reflect our vast expertise and depth of service offerings,” said Faruk Capan, CEO, Intouch Solutions. “We have achieved that goal with these changes, while maintaining our culture of collaboration and teamwork. Ultimately, this structure allows us to compete at a new level, and be seen as the powerhouse organization we are.”

In addition, the organization has undergone a brand refresh to reflect the new Intouch Group structure. Using elements of the original Intouch Solutions logomark, the new visual identity system was designed to reflect the vibrant future of Intouch Group while honoring the successes of Intouch Solutions’ past.

While the structure of Intouch has changed, its dedication to the life sciences vertical — and its digital foundation — have not. Through Intouch Group, the organization will build upon its core capabilities, as well as gain the opportunity to expand its services over time.

“We are driven to be the go-to partner for full-service needs — now and in the future,” said Capan. “Intouch Group offers the advantages of a network’s size and scale, with the creative, innovative spirit of an independent. We continue to experience growth as an organization and we are excited about the opportunities Intouch Group represents for us.”

About Intouch Solutions

Founded in 1999, Intouch Solutions is a privately held marketing and advertising agency with offices in Kansas City, Chicago, New York City, London and Mumbai. Intouch Solutions is part of Intouch Group, a privately held network of 750 employees across six affiliates. Specializing in solutions for the life sciences, Intouch is redefining what marketing means to these industries. Contact Intouch at getintouch@intouchsol.com or visit them on the Web at intouchsol.com.

About Intouch Group

Intouch Group is a privately held full-service agency network, providing creative and media services, enterprise solutions and data analytics globally through six affiliate organizations, including Intouch Solutions, Intouch Proto, Intouch International, Intouch Media, Intouch B2D and Intouch Analytics. Collectively, Intouch Group employs more than 750 people. With a dedication to the life sciences, Intouch Group serves as the go-to partner for full-service needs. Contact Intouch Group info@getintouchgroup.com or visit them on the Web at getintouchgroup.com.