June 29, 2020

Intouch Team Brings Home Wins From the Hedera20 Hackathon

Intouch group press release

OVERLAND PARK, KS (June 29, 2020) — A team from Intouch Solutions, a full-service agency serving the pharmaceutical industry, won two challenges in a six-week-long virtual hackathon hosted by Hedera, a public distributed ledger and governing body created to support decentralized applications running at web scale. Winners were announced via livestream June 25, 2020.

The team of five created HumanKind, a decentralized marketplace that aggregates, sponsors and rewards altruistic behavior and random acts of kindness, giving back to communities, businesses and charities. HumanKind won in the Dragonglass and Moonpay categories. DragonGlass, a cloud-based provider of live and historical data across distributed ledgers, was developed by OpenCrowd; MoonPay, a tool for purchasing cryptocurrency, was developed by BCW Group.

“The breadth and depth of diversity in our team was monumental to this successful outcome,” said Jacob Shepherd, Director, Product Development, Intouch Solutions/Team HumanKind. “By leveraging industry veterans across all disciplines, we were able to iteratively innovate, design, develop, deliver, and disrupt, bringing our idea to life in a very short amount of time.”

Along with Hedera, the hackathon was sponsored by technology leaders including DragonGlass and MoonPay, and judged by experts from IBM, Tata Communications, Wipro, and the John W. Brick Foundation. 802 participants comprising over 45 project teams representing 72 countries competed to build the winning decentralized application using distributed ledger technology, a secure form of data-sharing technology similar to blockchain.

“HumanKind accomplished a great deal in the Hedera20 Hackathon by creating a thoughtful model with great execution and clean code integrating with DragonGlass,” said Brad Buck, OpenCrowd’s VP of Strategy and Development Services and Hedera20 judge.

“We were extremely impressed by Team HumanKind’s ability to solve the problem of connecting human skills by personalizing human relationships for social good. We believe that Team HumanKind’s Hedera20 Hackathon project was grand in its vision and mature in its execution,” said Kyle Baron, Managing Partner at BCW Group, and Hedera20 judge.

View the team’s pitch video at https://humankind.ly

About Intouch Solutions
Founded in 1999, Intouch Solutions is a leading marketing and advertising agency with offices in Kansas City, Chicago, New York City, Boston, San Francisco, San Diego, London and Mumbai. Intouch Solutions is part of Intouch Group, a privately held network of more than 1,000 employees across seven affiliates. Specializing in solutions for the life sciences, Intouch is redefining what marketing means to these industries.

About Intouch Group
Intouch Group is a privately held full-service agency network, providing creative and media services, enterprise solutions and data analytics globally through seven affiliates in eight offices, including Intouch Solutions, Intouch Proto, Intouch Seven, Intouch International, Intouch Media, Intouch B2D and Intouch Analytics. Collectively, Intouch Group employs more than 1,000 people. With a dedication to the life sciences, Intouch Group operates with the belief that there is no challenge too big to cure. Contact Intouch Group at info@intouchg.com or visit them on the Web at intouchg.com.