Case Study

From Siloed Channels to Holistic Modern Marketing

We partnered with this midsize pharmaceutical company to bring all marketing comms in-house: developing a robust strategy, identifying the best tech, and educating the right teams.



A mid-size pharma company with products in the CNS, Nephrology, Oncology, Medical Device and Digital Medicine space was tasked with overhauling their digital ecosystem and bringing in-house the capability to engage with customers directly through marketing communications without relying solely on third-party vendors.



Our client was lacking the technology, operational capacity, and customer strategy needed to execute this kind of digital engagement. They required a 3-pronged approach:

  1. Find a technology and partner capable of implementing this need
  2. Build out an ecosystem that leveraged personalized digital experiences for the enterprise — not brand-by-brand
  3. Execute the change management needed to mature operations and digital strategy to meet its objectives over a 3-year period


We recommended finding a suite of technologies that enabled the kind of customer experience that our client needed while also providing an engagement model that would drive growth, adoption, and change management once the solution was implemented over a 3-year period. The goal was to move the needle forward and set up our client for digital success in the long term.


For technology, we recommended leveraging SFMC as the best-in class digital engagement platform for our client, and Mulesoft as the enterprise service bus design to ingest and process 50+ data sources on an ongoing basis.

50+ data sources

We deployed our recommended consulting engagement model that would allow our client to execute all activities in SFMC in an agile fashion, be embedded in day-to-day business, and continue to educate 20+ stakeholders week-to-week to drive adoption of the technology.

20+ stakeholders

To ensure success, we executed a change management initiative to build out the new business processes needed to execute this rapid digital maturation while also striving for the operational efficiency needed to provide high ROI on this kind of personalized customer engagement.


Our team implemented SFMC for the enterprise ecosystem faster than any other company Salesforce had seen for a deal of its size. Over three years, with the support of EVERSANA INTOUCH Tech & Transformation our client progressed from leveraging 20 SFMC capabilities to more than 60.

“Fastest implementation ever for a deal of this size!”

– Salesforce Senior Account Executive

Our client went from having only three brands digitally engage with the customer directly to all of its brands leveraging SFMC and its capabilities within the first year of platform adoption. EVERSANA INTOUCH Tech & Transformation was able to drive utilization by educating and managing engagements with 30+ stakeholders week-to-week across the organization, allowing the scale needed for operational success. We were able to execute large email campaigns to hundreds of thousands of customers in as little as 4 days and respond in an agile manner for our client in the wake of unforeseen market events such as COVID-19.

Our client went from executing 300K+ email sends each year to more than two million meaningful emails a year, for an equivalent per-send amount, by leveraging our methodology for execution, adoption, and change management. We were able to reduce the end-to-end time to market a digital asset from about eight weeks to only three weeks, leveraging our operational processes and iterative methodology.


SFMC At Speed

Leveraging 60+ capabilities

adoption icon

Adoption At Scale

New tech + strategy utilized across the org


Engagement Achieved

2 million+ meaningful emails sent per year



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