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How Teva Crafted a New Strategic Vision With Existing Technology

We partnered with Teva to achieve modern healthcare marketing through robust data, personalized customer experiences, and fully leveraged technology.



In late 2019, global pharmaceutical leader Teva revamped their organizational structure to realign the goals of their MCM (Multichannel Marketing) group. Their focus shifted from operational pull through to strategic leadership and enterprise vision. The MCM group was tasked with crafting a vision for the organization, including its technology infrastructure, focusing on data, customer experience and tech integration.



In order to plot Teva’s future, MCM had to understand the present state of the organization. As they unpacked the pillars of data, customer experience and technology, they uncovered some challenges.

Although robust data was being collected, the execution of data interpretation was falling behind. Due to manual data collection and interpretation, delivery of reports could lag for up to 3 months — meaning the findings were no longer actionable.

Regarding customer experience, they uncovered that brand messaging and look-and-feel was consistent across channels. However, channels were not communicating based on customer interactions. As a result, customer communications like banner ads and emails were not catered to specific customer needs.

Finally, when looking at their technology infrastructure, MCM witnessed a strong tech stack, equipped with Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC), Veeva, an Activity and Identify Hub and Google Analytics. However, the infrastructure was not connected in a way that enabled automation and Next Best Action (NBA).


We partnered with Teva to complete an in-depth audit across data, customer experience and technology.

We interviewed multiple internal and external stakeholders to understand the flow of data, and reviewed brand-level monthly reports to evaluate timeliness and effectiveness. We also analyzed the Commercial Data Warehouse (CDW) to uncover the type of data being captured.

To better understand customer experience, we were permitted access to SFMC in order to extract all brand journeys and interpret the complexity and connectivity of campaigns.

Lastly, we audited the technology stack to understand current usage from varying perspectives within the organization and recommend adjustments to improve cost and/or efficiency, using our proprietary Spyglass technology.


With a solid understanding of the existing solutions available to the team, we presented best-practice recommendations based on the solutions currently owned by Teva. This included recommendations for Salesforce Marketing Cloud journeys, data schema, file imports and OOTB connections to other systems. These recommendations shifted the focus of SFMC from simply an email-sending solution to the broader use and capability of cross-channel journey management.

During discovery, our team also identified an opportunity to improve the lag-time in media data collection and reporting. To lessen the reporting times and provide end-users with powerful data to control their campaigns, we established a Datorama Pilot for 2021. This will enable cross-channel data collection through various APIs, capturing customer behavior across media, email and web. Additionally, it will offer real-time dashboards to deliver actionable content updates.

“The EVERSANA INTOUCH team members brought in to support our business are true partners and operate at an extremely high level.”

To deliver a more relevant and targeted customer experience, we gained client alignment to introduce Journey Enhancements, Advertising Studio and Customer 360 (C360) Identity Management through Salesforce. This will help establish a 360-degree-view of the customer, so that both advertisements and promotions will be relevant.

Finally, to ensure an integrated ecosystem, we will be connecting Google Analytics to SFMC. Implementing this connector will create opportunities to utilize GA segmentation and other behavioral data within SFMC journeys. We will also introduce Einstein NBA, which will recommend rep actions based on how and when healthcare providers interact with content.


The solutions stated above were presented in a Technology Enterprise Roadmap that gained buy-in from Senior Leadership. The solutions and roadmap solidified the new focus of the MCM team and established their leadership in the organization.

“Leading multiple departments and organizational functions, the strategic vision and operational expertise provided by this team gives me great peace-of-mind on our path forward, and more importantly, we are executing to meet the needs of our customers today.”

– Jon Miller, VP Strategy and Commercial Operations


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Implement best-practice recommendations

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Datorama Pilot

Enable cross-channel data collection

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Establish 365-degree view of the customer



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