Multichannel Campaign

Eylea Wrote a Love Story to Patients

An animated duo helped launch a campaign entirely designed with visual impairment in mind.

Speaker 1:

For people with certain types of retinal disease, the prospect of vision loss is scary. Our goal was to instill a sense of empowerment, provide hope, and inspire people frightened about what they could lose to stand up and fight for what they love. So we didn’t create a commercial. We wrote a love story.

Introducing A Beautiful Pair, a magical tale starring two eyes linked together as they march through life and see everything side by side. To craft our story, we built an expansive stop-motion world full of characters, settings, and activities we knew would resonate with our audience. Every detail, from color combinations to speed of movement, was designed with visual impairment in mind.

Next, our pair of eyes set out on a journey across an immersive multichannel DTC campaign, expanding across TV, custom print, a complete website redesign, and an array of targeted, data driven media placements. We launched a YouTube channel featuring educational videos and hands-on tips for living with retinal disease. And we created a virtual personality named Lea to offer friendly help and guidance to patients on their journey.

Our “Beautiful Pair” attracted the eyes of many, as the campaign started exceeding expectations almost immediately.

Most importantly, we empowered thousands of people to not back down from retinal disease, but to stand up and fight for their vision. And that’s the kind of story everyone loves.


Vision loss is a very real, and very scary, prospect for people with retinal disease. Not only are they frightened; patients are also saddened at the idea of no longer being able to see their loved ones. So we wanted to create a campaign that would instill a sense of empowerment and hope, and help people realize they could stand up and fight for their vision — and for what they love.

For too long, retinal disease patients were left without hope. We changed that.

We didn’t create a commercial; we wrote a love story. A Beautiful Pair is a multichannel campaign starring a lovable animated duo, entirely handcrafted and designed with visual impairment in mind. Our story came to life across TV, custom print, high-impact digital media, website, targeted placements, a YouTube channel, and a friendly chatbot. With A Beautiful Pair, we were able to light the way for patients, and encourage them to stand up to fight for their vision.

A first-in-its category, multichannel DTC campaign featuring TV, print, digital, and social enjoyed stellar results:

ROI Icon

3x projected ROI

Icon Website Visits

565% increase in website visits YOY

Icon web downloads

84% increase in website downloads YOY

Icon YouTube

3.8M+ YouTube channel impressions

Icon CRM person

75% increase in CRM signups