June 12, 2023

Agency 100 2023: Rocking the MM+M Top 5 for Second Straight Year 

MM+M Agency 100

The MM+M Agency 100 is the annual definitive guide to the world of medical marketing agencies, and it’s an honor to be included each year. Once again, EVERSANA INTOUCH topped the charts at No. 5 (rankings are based on 2022 revenue). Check out our agency profile featuring comments from an interview with Faruk Capan, CEO of EVERSANA INTOUCH and Chief Innovation Officer of EVERSANA, Angela Tenuta, President, Full-Service Agencies, and Boris Kushkuley, President, Commercial and Consulting Services. 

The Agency 100 article, in MM+M’s rock and roll band-themed issue (each agency’s photo is designed to look like a rock band t-shirt), is available here. Read some of our favorite quotes from the interview below. 

“I know that ‘commercialization’ has become a new buzzword, but we are truly doing it,” he stresses. “We have so many opportunities for commercialization partners, and that gives us a much bigger way to change the industry than most other agencies.” 

“This is the year we change the way we work, not just at our company but in pharma companies in general,” she predicts. “There will be fewer silos, less red tape and more acceleration.”