November 11, 2022

Boomerang Q&A with Lou Drews

My second day first

”Boomerangs” are employees who leave and then return… and we’re known for the quantity, and quality, of our Boomerangs! Find out what made Lou Drews, Group Account Director with EVERSANA INTOUCH Seven venture back and the skills she’s picked up along the way.  

When I left several years ago, EVERSANA INTOUCH was focused more on winning Digital Agency of Record (DAOR) work. I knew that in order to continue growing in my marketing career, I needed to get some other projects under my belt that were outside of digital.  

While I was away, not only did I grow in experience across several industries: travel and hospitality, destinations, hospitals, insurance, data, etc., but EVERSANA INTOUCH grew into a powerhouse, full-service, Agency of Record network! 

I watched and cheered EVERSANA INTOUCH from afar. I always felt like I would be back someday, and with the pandemic putting a damper on the industry I was working in, it was the perfect catalyst to make the move back to EVERSANA INTOUCH a reality.  

Photo of Lou Drews against city skyline

For me, the culture and people here at EVERSANA INTOUCH truly differentiates this organization from the rest. I really appreciate how we’ve come together to make a difference for our clients and patients. 

Coming back to EVERSANA INTOUCH felt like coming home. I feel lucky to be back and, in a fun turn of events, working on Agency of Record (AOR) business! 

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