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Take Action by Giving Back

At EVERSANA INTOUCH, “Take Action” is one of our eight cultural beliefs. We encourage our employees to take action and get involved in the community in areas that mean the most to them. Read on to learn how Simi Krishnan, SVP, Analytics, takes action in her community.


Boomerang Q&A with Lou Drews

Find out what made Lou Drews, Group Account Director with EVERSANA INTOUCH Seven venture back and the skills she’s picked up along the way.  


EVERSANA INTOUCH Wins Five Awards at the London International Awards

The LIA awarded EVERSANA INTOUCH two Silver and three Bronze Award wins for our work with Global Lyme Alliance and the Chrysalis Initiative.


EVERSANA INTOUCH Celebrates Diwali 

Our EVERSANA INTOUCH teammates share what they love most about Diwali!


Checking In With Boomerang Jordan Deatherage

Why did Jordan Deatherage, Account Director, EVERSANA INTOUCH, leave… and then return? She’s one of our proud Boomerangs, and she tells her story here!


“Boomerang” Q&A with Andy Cuff

In one of our regular “Boomerang” interviews, we talk with Andy Cuff, Account Supervisor with EVERSANA INTOUCH Proto, about his journey and the revelations he’s had along the way!


Chatting with “Boomerang” Steve Morrissey

Steve Morrissey, one of our “Boomerangs” – employees who have returned after working elsewhere – explains what makes EVERSANA ENGAGE so special!


Boomerang Q&A with Caylene Calzone

In one of our regular “Boomerang” interviews, we talk with Caylene Calzone, Senior Account Manager with EVERSANA INTOUCH Seven, about her departure and return, and what advice she’d offer others!


Angela Ornce, Intouch Boomerang

“Boomerangs” are employees who leave and then return to Intouch. Check out our Q&A with this senior director of media operations and find out why she came back.


“It’s the Integrity” – An Intouch Boomerang Talks About What Drew Her Back

“Boomerangs” are Intouch employees who leave and then return. Check out our Q&A with this group copy supervisor and find out what drew her back.

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