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Celebrating Black History Month 

EVERSANA INTOUCH is once again celebrating Black History Month this February! In addition to focused events and hearing from team members in live roundtable discussions, we opened the floor to Black colleagues about what this month means to them personally, Black historical figures they resonate with and more. Their gracious responses are below! 


Water Cooler Conversations Can Be Virtual

Our Virtual Vibes program is stronger than ever and continues to provide unique ways for remote employees to engage with colleagues across time zones. EVERSANA INTOUCH strives to keep culture at the forefront, and Virtual Vibes has proven that “water cooler conversations” can be virtual and bring people together.


EVERSANA INTOUCH Gets Together for Winter Gatherings

At EVERSANA INTOUCH, we value building lasting relationships both in-person and virtually. Recently, each of our office locations hosted in-person winter gatherings to celebrate the year and festive season.


Congratulations to our Heart of EVERSANA INTOUCH Winners!

At our recent end-of-year town hall meeting, 10 EVERSANA INTOUCHers were recognized for living out our cultural beliefs.


EVERSANA Named a Great Place to Work for the Fourth Year in a Row!

EVERSANA has been named a Great Place to Work for the fourth consecutive year in the U.S.! Read on to hear what current team members have to say about working at EVERSANA INTOUCH.


Get Set Up for Success in the Account Incubator Program

Jumpstart your career at EVERSANA INTOUCH and be set up for success as part of our Account Incubator program where you can dip your toes into an Account Services role! 


Take Action by Giving Back

At EVERSANA INTOUCH, “Take Action” is one of our eight cultural beliefs. We encourage our employees to take action and get involved in the community in areas that mean the most to them. Read on to learn how Simi Krishnan, SVP, Analytics, takes action in her community.


Boomerang Q&A with Lou Drews

Find out what made Lou Drews, Group Account Director with EVERSANA INTOUCH Seven venture back and the skills she’s picked up along the way.  


EVERSANA INTOUCH Wins Five Awards at the London International Awards

The LIA awarded EVERSANA INTOUCH two Silver and three Bronze Award wins for our work with Global Lyme Alliance and the Chrysalis Initiative.


EVERSANA INTOUCH Celebrates Diwali 

Our EVERSANA INTOUCH teammates share what they love most about Diwali!

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