October 6, 2023

Brainspo: Bring Your Brain, Perspective and Curiosity

picture of brain

Working at EVERSANA INTOUCH means being surrounded by forward-thinking, highly innovative and creative individuals who strive to think differently. Recently, a group of EVERSANA INTOUCHers began a new internal series called “Brainspo.” 

The idea for Brainspo began as an internal pilot within the EVERSANA INTOUCH Oxygen affiliate and came out of wanting to get people out of their day-to-day and spend 15 minutes of thought-provoking conversation together, once a week, to open minds and ultimately get people thinking more deeply about the world around us and how that impacts our daily work and lives. 

“While we build education into each session, our goal is to provoke thought and discussion above all else,” said Jenn Bader, Cultural Evangelist and Brainspo creator, EVERSANA INTOUCH. “No topic is too weird or out there. That’s the whole point. We want to open minds and get people thinking ‘what if’.”

Topics have ranged from the weird and what’s trending to creative, technology and innovation. They’ve covered everything from culture, internet culture and the online authenticity paradox to virtual companions, the vibes revival and killer robots. 

25 sessions have been held internally and the team is now bringing them to clients. The first 90-minute client session will cover Creative Storytelling & Emerging Opportunities through the lens of rethinking what’s possible.

“I asked Jenn to get our teams inspired and out of their day-to-day thinking and wow did she deliver! Not only is everyone excited to learn, but they are bringing new thinking to our clients and elevating our ideas and work,” said Kim Middleton, Managing Director, Head of Oxygen.

Future Brainspo plans include making it accessible for other EVERSANA INTOUCH affiliates, extending it to more clients and creating a resource built to infuse ongoing inspo.