November 3, 2023

Championing Inclusivity During Disability Employment Awareness Month 2023

National Disability Employment Month. Photos of employees smiling

In October 2023, we proudly observe National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). EVERSANA INTOUCH used the opportunity to spotlight one of our remarkable employees, Emelia Patterson. Emelia embodies the spirit of diversity, inclusion, and innovation, making her a true asset to our EVERSANA INTOUCH family. 

Emelia Patterson, Account Director, is hard of hearing. She is unwavering in the belief that her hearing loss is not a limitation but a source of strength. Emelia shares, “I’ve never considered my hearing loss a limitation; it’s heightened my sensitivity to the diverse needs in healthcare and driven me to champion accessibility, empathy, and clarity.” 

Emelia’s life has been deeply intertwined with health communication. She considers herself fortunate to work in a field that has had a profound impact on her personally. Her experiences have fostered a unique perspective that enriches our team, broadening our understanding of the diverse needs in healthcare. 

Emelia’s dedication to promoting inclusivity extends beyond her day-to-day work; she is the co-chair of EVERSANA’s Professionals with Disabilities Professional Network. She and her fellow co-chair, Joan Oldham, People Partner, worked together to bring resources to the EVERSANA team such as a Quick Start Guide for equitable virtual meetings and educational materials. As we recognize NDEAM at EVERSANA INTOUCH, Emelia reminds us of the importance of embracing diversity, valuing unique perspectives, and fostering an inclusive workplace. Her unwavering commitment to accessibility, empathy, and clarity in healthcare communication is an embodiment of the values we hold at EVERSANA INTOUCH. 

It’s through the vital contributions of team members like Emelia make to our EVERSANA INTOUCH team that make us stronger and more inclusive with each passing day. 

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