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How Pharma Can Help Marginalized Patients Gain and Maintain Medication Access

Here, we look at three ways pharma brands can help bridge the gap for those who often are disproportionally affected by chronic conditions.


Intouch Closes Hispanic Heritage Month With Two Conversations About Race

Our Inclusion + Diversity Alliance gave us more food for thought this year, with its 2-day “Confrontando Colorism” series. Check out what we discussed and learned!


Intouch Chats With MM+M on Recent Breast Cancer Project

The industry pub recently spoke with two Intouchers behind the “Erase the Line” campaign, which is designed to combat healthcare disparities Black women face. Read on to learn more.


Intouch Steps Up to Combat Healthcare Disparities Faced by Black Women

Every woman’s health should be taken seriously, but Black women’s healthcare needs are often dismissed or ignored. Find out how we helped build a platform that empowers them to seek the care they deserve.


Level Up Your Brand’s Approach to Hispanic Audiences

There’s a spectrum of audiences to whom pharma communications need to appeal, and it’s the right time to reflect our society’s sophisticated diversity.


Checking the Mirror: How We’re Doing at Diversifying Intouch

Find out how Intouch is doing, and how we’ll continue to work toward ever-greater diversity among our ranks.


Inclusive Marketing: 7 Considerations for Reaching Underrepresented Audiences

Consumers are flocking to brands that mirror real-world demographics, and marketers who continue to exclude and stereotype are doing so at their own risk. How is your brand ensuring inclusivity in its marketing efforts?


Trans Healthcare: How Pharma Marketers Can Positively Impact This Underserved Community

In this POV, you’ll learn about the hurdles transgender people face in seeking care, and how pharma marketers can help clear the path.


The Benefits of Neurodivergence

About one in seven people is neurodiverse. What does this mean? Why is it a good thing? And how should it affect our work as healthcare marketers?


Intouch Homecoming Events Welcome New Employees

Over the past two weeks, Intouch has hosted return-to-office events we call Homecoming, and there are more to come in August and September. Check out what we did and see some pics from these amazing event days!

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