August 26, 2022

Checking In With Boomerang Jordan Deatherage

Here at EVERSANA INTOUCH, we have dozens of boomerangs. No, not the wooden kind – our “boomerangs” are employees who leave, then return to work here. Why? Well, we let them tell it. Today, we’re hearing from Jordan Deatherage, Account Director, EVERSANA INTOUCH.  

After having my third child, I made the decision to take time off work. I had a great boss, a fantastic team, and really enjoyed my job, but I felt as though my family’s schedule was getting out of control, with my first child entering kindergarten. I remember saying, I can’t mom the way I want to mom, or job the way I want to job, so I need to choose my family now. 

I promised myself zero work for one year after leaving. I said “no” many times. My motto was, if an opportunity didn’t benefit my family emotionally, spiritually, and physically, I turned it down. That year was eye-opening and helped me realign my priorities. After a year was up, I started volunteering at a healthcare non-profit. That work morphed into becoming a marketing contractor for several small businesses and local ad agencies. And then, through the grapevine of old friends who were still here, I found my way back!

One of the things that drew me back most was the the idea of having ‘dream balance.’ I don’t exactly have a ‘dream job’ any more. Rather, I look for a job that allows my whole life to stay in balance. Working on the Flex Team – a group of seasoned employees available to rotate across account teams to fill short-term staffing gaps related to FMLA, busy seasons, FTE hiring, new business onboarding, and more – has been awesome. It allows me to set a schedule in a way that benefits both EVERSANA INTOUCH and my family. I also enjoy the approach we have of taking on rotating assignments. Everything stays fresh and fun – and, I get to meet a bunch of new co-workers every few months!

I’ve always felt valued here. In the past, I experienced tremendous career growth, and opportunities at every turn, and now, I can use my experience and my expertise to benefit many teams. It’s been interesting to see how much has changed in the four years I was away, too. I’m glad to be back solving pharma marketing problems for our clients!

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