March 23, 2023

Checking in with Patrick Beers

My second day first

“Boomerangs” are employees who leave and then return, and there are a variety of reasons to bring someone back. Find out what made Patrick Beers, Senior Vice President, Market Access, venture back to EVERSANA INTOUCH and what he’s most excited about in this next chapter! 

I have always been focused on healthcare – it’s my ‘why.’ I began my career in healthcare policy, shifted into consulting, followed by HCP marketing, and then launched Johnson & Johnson’s managed care group. From that point on, I helped pioneer market access agencies where my passion has remained. Working on different brands and in this specialized part of access where we combine clinical and economic value to ensure patient access is interesting to me. 

While navigating the business parts of healthcare might not sound exciting, at the end of the day it’s about making healthcare accessible at the right time. My goal is to help clients deliver effective and efficient healthcare to improve patient outcomes. 

So, while I found my business development and onboarding market access work at EVERSANA INTOUCH Engage incredibly rewarding, when a new opportunity arose to broaden my skills, I jumped.   

I left for the opportunity to establish and lead a small market access practice within a large agency network. However, I found myself missing the people, culture, clients, and commitment to market access at EVERSANA and within the agency team at EVERSANA INTOUCH.  

I found my way back through a fellow employee who encouraged me to reconsider joining EVERSANA. After reconnecting with the team and discussing the potential opportunities, it was clear that returning was the right decision.  

The prospect of continuing to support and develop market access expertise across the agency team drew me back. The best practices for value communications, digital access solutions (EMRs and Omnichannel), our team and the clients here are unmatched. Additionally, with the increasing importance of AI in healthcare, working within payers’ frameworks was critical for me and it’s obvious that with the power of EVERSANA, no one is doing it better.  

I’m grateful for the experiences and knowledge gained while away, but I’m even more grateful to be back with the team at EVERSANA implementing these insights. I’m very excited to create a renewed, innovative, and judicial focus on market access. We touch a lot of people, and this is vital work. 

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