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Why Market Access Matters to Marketers More Than Ever

Payer marketing, reimbursement strategy, payer engagement, market access – whatever term your organization might use, optimizing your brand value and communicating that value to your stakeholders is a vital discipline. Because in our healthcare ecosystem, what gets paid for gets done… and what doesn’t get paid for often doesn’t get done. Payer controls on brands […]


Using Omnichannel to Tackle the Healthcare Giants

The consolidation of payers' subsidiaries is causing communication and market access challenges. Learn how omnichannel can help!


Five Key Ingredients to a Successful Market Access Strategy

Market access strategy and execution are critical to a drug's success or failure. Here are five key ingredients to ensure a successful market access strategy.


Checking in with Patrick Beers

“Boomerangs” are employees who leave and then return, and there are a variety of reasons to bring someone back. Find out what made Patrick Beers, Senior Vice President, Market Access, venture back to EVERSANA INTOUCH and what he's most excited about in this next chapter! 


Meet Intouch Market Access – Our Latest Full-Service Affiliate

Gaining access to the medications they need has long been an obstacle for patients. Find out more about how Intouch Market Access can help brands create life-changing opportunities for those who need them.


Trans Healthcare: How Pharma Marketers Can Positively Impact This Underserved Community

In this POV, you’ll learn about the hurdles transgender people face in seeking care, and how pharma marketers can help clear the path.


Drug Pricing Reform: Never Out of the Headlines

Drug pricing is not going to disappear from legislators’ desks, and even big-business-friendly politicians have pharma in their sights. Learn more about what pharma marketers need to know and do in this climate.


$ to Switch: What Brands Need to Know and Do About New PBM Tactics

If Cigna's cash incentive becomes precedent, are you prepared to quickly react if your brand is the focus for a new non-medical switching campaign?


Drug Pricing Reform: Who Will Hold the Medicare Part D Contracting Cards?

Now is the time to scenario-plan for a world where drug pricing assumptions account for increased discounts. Find out what pharma needs to do to prepare for this evolution.


Three Areas Payers Are Redefining Following COVID-19

Intouch SVP of market access Mike Motto weighs in on how, in addition to value and technology, new payer partnerships and acquisitions are influencing this evolution.

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