September 28, 2021

Meet Intouch Market Access – Our Latest Full-Service Affiliate

Intouch Market Access logo

In June 2019, more than six months before the pandemic changed everyone’s lives, a Kaiser Family Foundation study found that, “Among those currently taking prescription drugs (62 percent of adults), about one-fourth (24 percent) and a similar share of seniors (23 percent) say it is difficult to afford their prescription drugs, including about one in ten saying it is ‘very difficult’.” Further, three in 10 surveyed said they can’t adhere to their medicines as prescribed because costs are prohibitive. Fast forward two years, and you’ll see that these access issues haven’t changed. According to a May 2021 article from The Commonwealth Fund, drug spending in the United States is at an all-time high with no sign of slowing. Further, U.S. patients are more likely to report that they can’t afford their medications, and 50% of U.S. lower-income adults go without care because of cost.

At Intouch Group, we’ve been providing thought leadership and helping our clients work proactively to address affordability and access issues for years. But now it’s official: Intouch Market Access, once an Intouch service offering, is a fully fledged Intouch Group affiliate! And talk about perfect timing … given that we aren’t quite past the uncertainty the pandemic has brought, and with rapidly changing dynamics in the U.S. healthcare landscape, there’s no better time to bring relevant insights and modern marketing discipline to create payer, organized provider group, and patient support strategies.

Why Intouch Market Access?
In a word, experience. Our market access team draws on 100+ years of combined experience and is supported by functional area specialists from across the network, including more than 15 disciplines from account services and strategic planning to analytics, creative, and more. Together, they work to ensure patients have access to the treatments they need.

Intouch Market Access team experience: 100+ combined years; 20+ therapeutic areas; drawing on 15+ subject matter expert disciplines

In fact, over the past five years, Intouch MA has successfully led more than 70 client projects, 15 market access launches, 10 patient support program engagements, and three market access AOR engagements. 

Market Access by the Numbers: 70+ client projects, 15 market access launches, 10 PSP engagements, 3 AOR engagements

Access to affordable medications is key to maintaining good patient health, but drug pricing and access issues are not going away. To learn more about Intouch Market Access, the leaders behind our new affiliate, and how we can help patients get the medications they need, read our press release and check out what we think about key market access issues and how to solve them. Don’t forget to visit the Intouch Market Access website to learn even more!