Market Access Blogs


Smart Market Access: The Top 3 Market Access Mistakes and How to Fix Them

When market access strategy and stakeholder engagement is done right, market-shaping efforts and pre-commercial market readiness help to define the appropriate place for a new brand both before and at launch. Download the POV to learn three critical market access mistakes and how to fix them.


What We’re Watching for 2024 – Top Trends in Market Access

Learn the top trends in market access to watch for in 2024 and how they'll impact your brand's strategy and success in the dynamic pharma landscape.


Why Market Access Matters to Marketers More Than Ever

Payer marketing, reimbursement strategy, payer engagement, market access – whatever term your organization might use, optimizing your brand value and communicating that value to your stakeholders is a vital discipline. Learn why.


Using Omnichannel to Tackle the Healthcare Giants

The consolidation of payers' subsidiaries is causing communication and market access challenges. Learn how omnichannel can help!


Five Key Ingredients to a Successful Market Access Strategy

Market access strategy and execution are critical to a drug's success or failure. Here are five key ingredients to ensure a successful market access strategy.


How Pharma Can Help Marginalized Patients Gain and Maintain Medication Access

Here, we look at three ways pharma brands can help bridge the gap for those who often are disproportionally affected by chronic conditions.


Primary Care Destinations Keep Changing; So Should Your Plans

Patients used to seek healthcare and prescription meds by visiting doctors’ offices -- but today, they can find health services in some pretty unexpected places. Learn how pharma marketers can stay in the conversation.


Meet Intouch Market Access – Our Latest Full-Service Affiliate

Gaining access to the medications they need has long been an obstacle for patients. Find out more about how Intouch Market Access can help brands create life-changing opportunities for those who need them.


Amazon Pharmacy: How Will It Affect Pharma?

Amazon Pharmacy’s debut is worrying many, but its long-terms effect on pharma marketing remains uncertain. Read on to learn more about Amazon’s “master plan,” and whether your brand needs to consider a defensive strategy.