February 22, 2019

A Day in the Life of an Intouch Creative

Photo showing a smiling woman with a desk behind her

Intouch is gearing up for another incredibly productive year, and there are currently almost too many job openings to count — 170 as of this writing! From data analytics and copywriting to account services, creative and more, there’s probably a job description that matches your skills. If you’re thinking about taking the leap and applying, read this installment of our Day in the Life series, in which we talk to Chicago Creative Director Allie Golden about what it’s like to be her. Check it out!

What field did you work in before you joined Intouch, and how long have you been in marketing?
I was on the direct-to-consumer side of advertising for almost five years prior to Intouch. I worked primarily on beer brands and created campaigns that you’ve likely seen in both grocery stores and bars. I’m going on 11 years of being in this industry.

How is working in pharma marketing different than you expected when you started here?
It’s so rewarding knowing that your work is truly helping people. We do so much more than just sell products — our work sends messages and information out into world that, when heard and understood, do so much good.

How would you describe your job to someone who isn’t in the marketing/advertising field?
I create different types of communications (from websites, emails, and apps to videos, banners, and so much more) to educate and engage varying audiences about certain medications and conditions. For example, it could be an app that helps a patient track when they take their medicine or an interactive game experience at a physician conference.

What are your typical responsibilities and challenges — what’s your average day like?
Most days are loaded with meetings that focus on strategy, i.e., how we can deliver the best content and audience interactions for our brand. Other days are a mix of project kick-off meetings, brainstorms, smaller working sessions, and process efficacy. Each and every day, I work with my team to execute our projects and lend a helping hand (or mind) where they need me.

How often do you interact with clients, and in what capacity?
As often as I can. I work with my team to present our creative thinking to clients, and that can happen several times a month (or week) depending on what we have going on. Other times, I’m involved in strategic workshops and concept research where I’m collaborating directly with clients.

What type of a personality/disposition or skill(s) do you think is best suited for your job?
I always strive to be calm, cool, and collected. Being able to lead your team with an even temperament sets the tone for how to approach all types of challenges that may arise. Having a positive and optimistic outlook seeps into those around you and, as a result, can create a happy and inclusive environment.

What do you find most challenging about your position?
Creativity opens your mind to thinking in new ways and can take you down many different paths. Sometimes, it can be hard to reign yourself in and get back on track to ensure you are laddering up to particular strategy. By working collaboratively with other teams, you’re all able to keep one another in check and focus on the task at hand.

Any advice for people interested in getting into a creative role?
Focus on telling the story of why you did something instead of what you did. Don’t just speak to the fonts you used, and the color intent of a piece. Instead, talk about the story it tells, and the goal of it. Designers can get really wrapped up with something looking pretty, but always strive to tell the why behind its prettiness.

OK, now go! Visit our jobs page and apply. With so many open positions in so many cities around the United States, there’s a very good chance you’ll find something just right for you.