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A Day in the Life of a Senior Art Director

Meet Meg Bradley, Senior Art Director at EVERSANA INTOUCH. Meg has been with EVERSANA INTOUCH for more than 5 years and has held a variety of positions. After joining as a Creative intern in October 2017, she was hired full-time as an Associate Art Director and worked up the ranks to her current role! Get to know Meg, a “typical” day in her working world, and advice she has for others looking to break into the Creative field.


Why Are Intouch Employees So Dang Happy?

Find out what makes Intouch Group so special when it comes to employee engagement, and how that translates into happy, productive, loyal Intouchers.


Friday Flashback: 4 Ways Intouch Got Inclusive in 2019

In 2019, Intouch was recognized as the first-ever Diversity and Inclusion Champion by Med Ad News for its work in bringing diverse voices and perspectives to the organization through panel discussions, multicultural celebrations and other educational activities. Throughout the year, we worked hard to deserve that honor — not simply because we like awards (who doesn’t?), but […]


KC High School Students Check Out Agency Life at Intouch

Sixteen high school students from Kansas City recently visited Intouch to see what it's like to work in an agency. Check out what their day was like.


A Day in the Life of an Associate Creative Director

Throughout this year, we’ve been celebrating Intouch’s 20th anniversary. We’ve grown so much over the past two decades — from a humble home office staffed by a team of three to four locations in major U.S. cities and a European presence! We’re nearly one-thousand strong now, and we intend to keep on growing. One of […]


A Day in the Life of an Intouch Project Manager

Project managers are super important in the agency world — without them, our work would likely get done, but it might not happen on time or on budget. Like the ultra-responsible parents in a large family, they metaphorically get all the kids to school and sports practices on time, make sure the family sticks to […]


A Day in the Life of an Intouch Associate Director of Strategic Planning

Every now and then, an awesome Intoucher leaves to explore options at another company … but then they realize what a great place Intouch is to work for, and they want to come back. It doesn’t always work out for folks who want to “boomerang” — there may not be a good-fitting position for someone […]


A Day in the Life of an Intouch Innovator

When Intouch was founded 20 years ago, CEO Faruk Capan had just a couple of employees and a home office in a Kansas City suburb. Today, we have offices in several major U.S. cities and nearly 200 open positions. If you’re into working with smart, talented people from all walks of life, but can’t quite […]


A Day in the Life of an Intouch Creative

Intouch is gearing up for another incredibly productive year, and there are currently almost too many job openings to count — 170 as of this writing! From data analytics and copywriting to account services, creative and more, there’s probably a job description that matches your skills. If you’re thinking about taking the leap and applying, […]


A Day in the Life of an Intouch Data Analyst

If you could measure a company’s growth like you do a growing child, Intouch would be in the 90th percentile — at the time of this writing, there are nearly 100 open positions! One of the roles currently open is that of data analyst, so for this edition of our “Day in the Life” series, we […]