December 23, 2022

EVERSANA INTOUCH Gets Together for Winter Gatherings

At EVERSANA INTOUCH, we value building lasting relationships both in-person and virtually. Recently, each of our office locations hosted in-person winter gatherings to celebrate the year and festive season. The gatherings included: food, drinks, philanthropic giving opportunities, a photo booth, cookie and ornament decorating and most importantly, the company of coworkers!

We love gathering in person for events, but with many employees now working remotely in almost every state, commuting to a local office is not always possible. To encourage camaraderie and connection, a handful of EVERSANA INTOUCHers were able to gather for meet-ups in cities throughout the country where groupings of employees live and work remotely, like Atlanta and Detroit.

We also hosted virtual events like floral arranging and cocktail classes and held our third annual Gingerbread Building Competition to provide the opportunity for remote employees to gather virtually before the holidays. We are grateful for the time we get to spend in the company of our coworkers whether in-person or virtually.

Are you looking to build lasting relationships at work? Visit our careers page and join our team!