April 16, 2021

Inside Intouch: Building a Diverse Employee Community

three people on a zoom call

“Inclusion and diversity are not destinations – they’re the values that guide us on our journey. From the beginning, Intouch has strived to build a community of diverse employees, because we believe it equips us with greater empathy and the insights needed to better serve patients of all kinds.”

These words begin a 2019 blog post from Intouch’s Antonio Rivera, director of inclusion and diversity, about a women’s history month panel held that year. And since then, our internal programs have stretched and grown and … diversified.

From matching employee donations to racial justice initiatives, to educating Intouchers about Black, Hispanic and South East Asian experiences through celebrations and panel discussions, to creating safe spaces for employees with disabilities to share their challenges … we’re always thinking about what else we can do to ensure every Intoucher feels valued, heard and comfortable being who they are.

Industry publication MM+M recently sat down with Rivera and Cecelia Aragones, Intouch’s senior talent acquisition manager of diversity strategy, to talk about the journey to foster inclusion and diversity within the organization. The discussion touches questions such as:

  • Why now? Is this a trend?
  • What were barriers to becoming intentional in promoting equity, fostering inclusion and increasing diversity?
  • What is inclusion vs. diversity vs. equity vs. belonging and why does that matter to Intouch?
  • How has the pandemic and events surrounding it impacted Intouch’s DE+I strategy?
  • What methods are being taken to increase diverse representation across Intouch?
  • What steps has Intouch taken to implement a more inclusive hiring process?

Check out the complete video podcast here.

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