July 23, 2021

Intouch Homecoming Events Welcome New Employees

Image of Intouch Homecoming sign

The pandemic … need I say more? It’s kept Intouchers apart for more than a year. It’s been challenging, but it hasn’t stopped us from (virtually) doing great work together, continuing to offer summer internships – stay tuned for a coming-soon post about this year’s internship class — and maintaining the Intouch culture we all value so much. BUT, over the past two weeks, Intouch has hosted return-to-office events we call Homecoming, and there are more to come over the next two months.

For July’s events, we welcomed our “Intouch Freshmen” – those employees who started during our strictly virtual year-plus work – to come to the offices and FINALLY experience our one-of-a-kind team spirit.

“We had such a great two-week kickoff event. It really allowed everyone to get a true taste (literally) of Intouch,” said senior art director and Intouch veteran Heather Schmiedler. “From a welcome breakfast, to a culture 101 presentation, to a complimentary headshot and enough eating to fill you up from breakfast to dinner, the event was the perfect way to show new Intouchers who we are.”

Check out some photos of the event in the KC office. And if you’d like to work for a company that truly loves its people, check out our jobs page today!