March 5, 2021

Intouch Lives to Learn … and Teach

man working at desk

One of Intouch’s core values is “Live to Learn,” and given the ever-growing list of educational opportunities available to employees – including courses on communication skills, management and leadership training, the arts of negotiation and persuasion, business etiquette, role-specific e-learning, and a lot more, it’s obvious we’re not just saying knowledge is power.

Free Education? Yes, Indeed!
Now, we’re going a step further, with a free, one-month program called Intouch Copy School, which anyone can apply to. And by anyone, we mean anyone interested in learning about the field of healthcare copywriting, even if you’re not an Intouch employee.

“I’m interested in bringing greater diversity to our industry — in every sense of the word. This is a way to get people into our agency who have the drive, just not the experience.” — Susan Perlbachs, Intouch chief creative officer

How It Works
The Copy School’s purpose is to provide aspiring healthcare writers — either those new to the advertising industry or who come from non-healthcare marketing roles — with the groundwork they need to (potentially) jump-start an associate copywriting career at Intouch. At the end of the four-week program, you’ll take a final exam and then talk next steps with our hiring teams if you’re interested in full-time employment. If you decide copywriting isn’t your jam, good news: there’s no obligation to join Intouch.

But Wait, There’s More Learning!
Our annual paid internship program is gearing up for its second virtual summer. You read that right: even though COVID-19 turned everything upside down last year, we went virtual and STILL were able to provide real-world work experience to more than 40 interns in Kansas City, Chicago and New York. Find out what they had to say about the experience here, and check out the available spots for this summer.

The internship program will run 10 weeks (June 7-August 13) and will be completely virtual. Intouch has 56 intern positions available in a variety of departments, including project management, creative, development and more.

The deadline for internship applications is March 31 – however, we may leave certain postings up longer, depending the number of applications we receive … as of this writing, we’ve received more than 738, so don’t wait to apply!