November 27, 2023

Paying it Forward Through a Passion Project

Two pairs of feet with sneakers facing a quote on the ground that says "passion Led Us Here"

Attending college, choosing a major, and then finding a career that aligns with your education and evokes passion can be much more difficult than it seems. Many students may find their passion while in college but are unsure how that degree translates in the real world post-graduation. 

Simi Krishnan, Senior Vice President, Analytics, has worked in analytics for nearly 20 years and has grown her career in the field, starting as an analyst through data science and now in a leadership role. Recently, she has been dedicating her time and expertise to university students achieving degrees in mathematics to help them use their education to find a career they are also passionate about.  

“I chose to do this because I am truly passionate about helping in the transition from a background in math into something that can impact the corporate world,” said Simi.  

Simi has worked with the University of Mumbai and Mahatma Gandhi University, teaching seminars on “Contemporary Mathematics and Statistics and Its Applications” as well as an “International Webinar Series on Various Fields in Mathematics.” 

“I have encountered such smart people that have a pure quant background and helping them understand how math and statistics can translate to business goals and impact ROI has been very fulfilling,” said Simi. “It can be really hard when you are learning theory to understand how applicable it is in the real world.” 

Paying it forward by helping our youth understand how they can use analytics in the real world has become a passion of Simi’s and she looks forward to continuing to help more students turn their passion for math into a future career. 

We’re fortunate to have experts like Simi who are passionate about their work and bring their leadership and a drive to help others to EVERSANA INTOUCH. Want to join our team? Check out the careers page to learn more.