March 25, 2019

Intouch Attends Adobe Summit Sporting New Specialized Partner Certification

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Each year, Intouch sends a team to Adobe Summit to hear about the latest marketing and innovation breakthroughs, and this year will be no different. We’ll be on the scene in Las Vegas, taking it all in and coming back with the most salient highlights. And with more than 300 sessions and labs organized into 11 different tracks hosted by industry thought-leaders — and appearances by comedian Mindy Kaling, actor and entrepreneur Reese Witherspoon, and musical headliners The Killers  — we’re sure to come back with some gems.

One thing that is different this year, is Intouch’s recent certification as an Adobe Specialized Partner — and what’s particularly cool about that is that Intouch is the only Adobe Partner in the pharma industry with multiple specializations. Gaining recognition as a Specialized Partner requires rigorous testing, references from clients and proven success in implementation.

“Partners like Intouch understand the challenge of message relevance in today’s crowded market, and they know how to leverage Adobe’s platforms to build clients scalable and innovative solutions.” – Rian Turpin, Senior Global Alliance Manager

How Specialization Helps Clients
Why should our clients care about our Adobe Specializations? As Adobe executive vice president Matt Thompson explains, “Specialized partners are certified by Adobe for their proven capabilities and successful implementations — the best of the best in the Adobe Partner ecosystem.”

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Adobe reports that 92% of their top 100 clients own three or more solutions from the Adobe Experience Cloud; but, in our experience, most don’t fully leverage them in a truly connected way and may never realize a return on their investment in the platform. The real power of the Adobe Experience Cloud comes when the solutions work in an orchestrated manner to share content, data, audiences, and insights across channels.

It’s imperative that teams are prepared to work across the Adobe suite of products and services to create efficient, effective solutions. Intouch’s practice extends to multi-solution consulting and execution to align overall solution architecture to digital marketing strategy and goals. This ensures marketing initiatives are fully integrated to deliver consistent, personalized experiences and messaging across channels, and are continually measured and refined through data-driven insights.

If you’d like to learn about how we can put our Adobe Specializations to work for your brand, reach out to your account lead. And to get the download on what happens at Adobe Summit 2019, check back soon for our recap!

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