March 10, 2022

Intouch Innovation Expert Says It’s Not Too Early to Plan for the Metaverse

person on facebook on iphone

Last fall, following Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement that “Meta” would now be the name of the company formerly known as Facebook, a group of Intouch experts asked, “What will make up the metaverse?” and further, “How does this impact marketers and their customers?” 

At the time, our experts noted that the question isn’t easy to answer yet, because the metaverse is still being created, and it will be unique for everyone. “According to Zuckerberg,” they said, “it’s ‘a new phase of interconnected virtual experiences using technologies like virtual and augmented reality’. But beyond technology, the metaverse can be described as the intersection of our real and virtual lives and a blurring of the boundaries that distinguish them.”

So, if no one really knows what form or function the metaverse will eventually take, why should pharma marketers worry about it now? Intouch’s innovation guru Andrew Grojean spoke with Endpoints to talk about where the tech is now, where it’s heading, and why pharma marketers should get — and stay — up to speed. Read that article here.