April 13, 2021

In Healthcare Advertising, Craft Isn’t Optional Anymore

man with paint brushes

In advertising, the role of craft and creativity can’t be understated. It can make or break emotional connections; and when it succeeds, it’s memorable and meaningful. “Craft matters perhaps more in healthcare advertising than in any other industry,” says Intouch Group’s executive director of craft, Nicholas Capanear. Consumers are more sophisticated than they used to be, and so are healthcare products.

Nick knows a few things about creativity. From industry creative awards and jury appointments for events like The London International Awards (LIA), D&AD, The One Show, Communication Arts, Clio Health, Graphis and the Creative Floor Awards, to having his work featured in Lurzer’s Archive’s 200 Best Digital Artists and Illustrators Worldwide 2020/2021 and acting as a coach for the 2021 Creative LIAisons virtual program … like we said … Nick knows some things.

In a recent essay on craft for LIA, Capanear noted that over the past decade, healthcare advertising has witnessed a sea change, and there should be no turning back. You can read his entire essay here.