May 5, 2023

EVERSANA INTOUCH team members participate in the Institute for Advanced Advertising Studies

Portraits of team members arranged around a AAAA logo

The 4A’s Institute for Advanced Advertising Studies (IAAS) is a program for advertising professionals who want to take their skills to the next level. This year, EVERSANA INTOUCH is proud to have five team members participating in the program, which provides a unique opportunity to combine educational sessions with the chance to work on a real client marketing challenge and pitch ideas directly to the client.

The IAAS is a multi-week program that focuses on advanced advertising concepts and techniques. Participants attend lectures, workshops, and group projects to develop their skills and apply them to real-world marketing challenges. Each year, the IAAS selects a different client for the program, providing participants with the opportunity to work on a live marketing challenge.

This year, the client for the program is The Joffrey Ballet of Chicago. The group of IAAS participants kicked off the program by watching The Joffrey Ballet perform live, allowing them to gain a firsthand understanding of the client’s work and the reactions of the audience.

The IAAS program delivers a final pitch to the client, where each group presents its ideas for the client’s marketing challenge. This provides an opportunity for the participants to showcase their skills and creativity while providing real-world solutions for the client’s needs.

At EVERSANA INTOUCH, we are excited to see the amazing ideas that our team members will come up with. We believe that participating in the IAAS program is a valuable experience for our team members, as it provides them with the opportunity to hone their skills and gain a deeper understanding of the advertising industry. We are proud to support their participation in the program and look forward to the impact they will make on the advertising industry!


Cara Murphy, Art Director

Julia Arneson, Sr. CX Strategist

Keagan Gay, Account Manager

Ryan Scheidt, Sr. Art Director

Talia Marcus, Account Manager