January 25, 2019

Intouch Says “Cheers” to 20 Years

Photo of glassware etched with 20 Years

If you’ve ever read anything about boosting morale at work, you’ve probably come across the recommendation to “take time to celebrate, even the small successes.” At Intouch, we recently had cause to celebrate, but the success wasn’t a small one – on the contrary, it was 20 years big. Twenty years – that’s how long we’ve been around! Oh, and we’ve been independent the whole time.

When CEO and founder Faruk Capan started Intouch, he had two employees and a home office. Today, more than 850 people support our six affiliates in offices across the United States, as well as in Europe and India (and we’re still growing). So, in honor of this platinum anniversary and the achievements it represents — and because we flat-out love celebrations — we brought out the cake and champagne and gathered (virtually and IRL) for a toast.

Check out a few photos of the event, and stay tuned for posts featuring Intouchers who’ve helped the company grow over the years.

Image of Inouch CEO celebrating 20 years anniversary

Intouch founder and CEO Faruk Capan gets ready to blow out the candles.

Image of girls taking picture

We like cake, but we also like a good balloon arch.

Image of cupcake showing 20Years on it

Anniversary cupcakes, because cake by itself is not enough.

Image of Boston Team celebrating 20 yers anniversary

Some of the folks in the Boston office tuned in via video conference to watch the KC festivities.

Image of Chicago Intouch team listing to CEO speech

Chicago Intouchers listening to Faruk give the toast.

Image of Intouch NYC team celebrating 20 years anniversary via video conference

Folks in the New York office joined the celebration via video conference – notice someone is also working, because agency life.