November 16, 2023

Making Personal Connections – Employee Welcome Reception in Rome

Following a wildly successful Frontiers Health event, agency leaders Faruk Capan, CEO, EVERSANA INTOUCH and Chief Innovation Officer, EVERSANA, and Angela Tenuta, President, Full-Service Agencies, EVERSANA INTOUCH, along with EVERSANA team members had the opportunity to celebrate the newest additions to the EVERSANA family, the Healthware Group team, in person at an employee welcome reception.  

Bringing old and new acquaintances together in Rome, Italy for an evening of lively conversation and authentic cuisine was a pivotal moment to demonstrate the agency’s commitment to its one-of-a-kind culture, even across the globe. Healthware employees describe the event in the following statements: 

“The welcome reception exemplified the importance of meeting people in real life,” said Heidi Lambeau, Account Director, Healthware Group. “A 30-minute in-person meeting outweighs years of virtual relationship building, and the connection you build in those moments has an immediate positive impact on the depth of the relationship, the work collaboration, and the business outcomes! We often hear people say they work ‘global’ but looking around at this event and seeing colleagues from all over the globe, I thought to myself, we don’t ‘work’ global, we ‘are’ global. Ad maiora!” 

“It was truly magical to be together, in such a special place in our wonderful Rome,” said Michela D’Amelia, Client Services Director, Healthware Group. “It was nice to shake the hands of people whose names we had only read or seen on conference calls and great to introduce ourselves, dance and sing together as if we had known each other forever.” 

With over 7,000 EVERSANA employees all over the globe, it is important to create opportunities for our team members to get together in person to meet and build relationships with one another. Putting a face to a name and having a chance to connect face-to-face with our colleagues helps foster a stronger community and culture. It was special to make memories with our newest members in Europe and we look forward to getting together again!