March 14, 2019

Matt Goyer Discusses His 18 Years at Intouch

Matt Goyer, sitting in the Intouch lobby

In honor of our 20-year anniversary, we’re asking veteran Intouchers to reflect on what it’s been like to have worked with the company over the years. For this installment, we talked with vice president of internal compliance, Matt Goyer, who’s been with Intouch for nearly as long as the company has existed.

Tell us about your first week at Intouch.
When I first joined Intouch, there were maybe ten of us, and my desk was right next to Faruk’s office. One of the funniest things I remember is how I would show up each day and the items on my desk would be rearranged.

At first, I couldn’t figure out what was going on, but then I discovered that Faruk and our head of IT were playing soccer after-hours and one of the “goals” was Faruk’s office door. Needless to say, some things would get knocked off my desk. This experience quickly indoctrinated me into the culture of “work hard, play hard” that exists to this day at Intouch.

What is the most dramatic change you have witnessed during your time at Intouch?
During my tenure, I have witnessed Intouch grow from a single office location where Faruk’s office served as the conference room into a company with “on the ground” presence spanning the U.S. from coast to coast. There was no reasonable expectation back in 2000 to anticipate that Intouch would expand to offices in Boston, Chicago, London and NYC.

What is the most exciting project you’ve worked on?
I had the opportunity to lead the launch of a client’s adoption of the iPad as their primary sales messaging platform. It was incredible to see how adoption of technology led to a significant increase in active engagement for both the client’s sales reps and their customer base. At the time, it felt like Intouch was helping introduce a “sea change” to the industry.

What do you like the most about working at Intouch?
For me, I love that we don’t accept that limitations exist with respect to what Intouch can deliver. We are always looking at how to best incorporate new technologies into our clients’ messaging strategies. If a client has a need, we always find a way to deliver solutions that we believe exceed expectations with respect to what is possible.

Where do you see Intouch and the industry as a whole in 20 years?
People will continue to need to take increased responsibility for their acute and long-term healthcare needs. I expect Intouch to continue to provide patients and caregivers access to healthcare marketing at the appropriate time and via the communication channel of their choosing to assist with each person’s personal health journey.

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