June 30, 2022

Proud of Our Pride!

Pride cake

Michael Tatasciore, Culture Influencer & Assistant Office Manager, was responsible for all of our 2022 Virtual Pride events, and we asked him to share with the blog how EVERSANA INTOUCH recognized and celebrated Pride – both virtually and in-person – for 20222 !

I believe that company culture should not only be exciting, dynamic, and fun, but also challenging, informative, and inclusive. So, when it came to planning “Energy @ EVERSANA INTOUCH” events for Pride in June, I took this approach! As a member of the LGBTQ+ community myself, Pride is an extremely important time for me.

This June saw an abundance of events bringing Pride into employees’ homes and apartments with a broad range of activities. I was proud to have our popular Coffee Break Speaker Series have Pride Month Editions with speakers Charley Aldridge (VP, Group Creative Director) and Jaii Phillips Beckley (VP, Editorial). This series of casual interviews with leaders are the perfect moment to get personal and listen to stories from peers. Charley’s and Jaii’s unique experiences shed light on the broad spectrum of the queer community.  

Just as informative was the Pride-Themed Workout with Chad Ryan, who paired exercises with the colors of the Pride flag and led participants through an intense workout while educating us on the history of the flag! I was equally amazed by the responses from the community for our Teams Channel Employee Spotlight and was encouraged by the outpouring of support in the comments.

Celebration and joy were also at the forefront. I was thrilled to book Jackie Cox from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 for Virtual Drag Bingo, where some participants got to compete in an epic lip-sync battle! No Pride is complete without music. To further that, we also had Music Bingo, where we brought out plenty of shoulder shimmies and head bops with disco, pop, and Queer Community anthems.

The energy also reached us in person, now that we’re in offices again! With Pride-Themed Treat Days and Happy Hours across offices, our staff was treated to fabulous surprises: everything from rainbow treats in Kansas City and Boston, to local drag queen Julie J performing and hosting bingo for our New York employees. Meanwhile, Chicago showcased custom cocktails named after gay rights icons and baked goods from a Trans and Filipino owned bakery.

Our theme for Pride this year was “Love Your Pride”, and I certainly loved my Pride spent with my EVERSANA INTOUCH family. I am forever grateful for our company’s support and belief that every experience is impactful.