January 13, 2023

Water Cooler Conversations Can Be Virtual

At EVERSANA INTOUCH, we have employees working in 46 out of 50 states in the U.S. as well as globally. Although many of us may work remotely from around the world, EVERSANA INTOUCH strives to keep culture at the forefront and provides opportunities for employees to build lasting relationships and connect virtually. Enter Virtual Vibes. 

Virtual Vibes was a cultural pivot, born back in 2020 when everyone was working from home to keep people connected and maintain our one-of-a-kind company culture. Two years later, the program is stronger than ever and continues to provide unique ways for remote employees to casually engage with colleagues across time zones.   

In 2022, Virtual Vibes held 127 virtual events with a cumulative attendance of 3,276 attendees. These events offer a wide array of opportunities that are sure to pique the interest of everyone, including employee spotlight stories, financial planning classes, cannoli-making classes, pet talent shows, floral arrangement classes, candle-making, thought-proving Q&A sessions and so much more! 

Last February, the Coffee Break Speaker Series showcased and supported team members during Black History Month, Women’s History Month and Pride Month. More than 70 wellness events related to meditation, mindfulness and fitness were hosted for employees in 2022.  

“The Coffee Break Speaker Series has stood out to me as top-notch company culture. Interviewing team members and sharing their personal, and at times vulnerable, experiences and advice with sometimes over 100 people is so meaningful. More incredible is the support, understanding, and conversations these events have sparked. It creates a deep understanding of one another, and I love that it introduces people who you may have never worked with.” – Michael Tatasciore, Agency Culture Influencer, Office Operations (Virtual Vibes Lead) 

Virtual Vibes has proven that “water cooler conversations” can be virtual and bring people together. A few of the most popular virtual water cooler conversation thought-starters included: What’s your go-to Coffee Order? Favorite Book? and Groundhog Day Predictions. Each of these includes a raffle where winning recipients receive gift cards and prizes just for participating. 

“Since starting Virtual Vibes I have learned that very few experiences are limited to in-person, and with the right thinking and behind-the-scenes programming, we can elevate virtual culture to the next level. While the live and in-person world has rebounded, I look forward to continuing to create meaningful experiences and bonds between our staff virtually.” – Michael Tatasciore, Agency Culture Influencer, Office Operations (Virtual Vibes Lead) 

Maintaining a sense of community when we are not all in a traditional office setting every day can be challenging, but we pride ourselves on keeping that same office culture alive whether at in-person events or virtual ones. 

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