March 23, 2022

Performance Visualization Simplified

Image of datascreen

Intouch Analytics’ InvisionNow Puts Up-to-the-Minute, Easy-to-Consume Data in Your Hands

In late 2018, Intouch Analytics identified a need, so we got proactive: Clients were looking beyond PowerPoint and ad hoc requests – they wanted something they could log into every morning and understand at a glance their data performance. To meet that need, we created InvisionNow.

InvisionNow democratizes data through online automated dashboards. Clients are able to log in and access their data 24/7, 365 days a year. Since January 2019, our client user base has more than quintupled.

Benefits of Using InvisionNow
So, what makes this program so appealing? Simple: access to data that can be easily digested and shared throughout the organization. No more waiting on ad hoc requests; simply log in to your dashboard to understand how many visits media drove last week, or how many doctor discussion guide downloads were a result of your CRM.

In addition to answering multiple key questions, another commonly used feature of InvisionNow is monitoring digital performance for campaign or drug launches. Each automated dashboard updates daily, so performance can be monitored as often as necessary. Whether you’re curious about metrics associated with media (impressions, CTR) or post-click (visits, time on site, doctor discussion guide downloads), everything is at your fingertips:

  • 24/7 access to data across all marketing channels
  • Being able to answer questions like:
    • Which channels are showing the best engagement post-click?
    • How is my pre- and post-click media performing?
    • What happened once traffic from media was on my site?
  • Filter data by quarter, month, and day to monitor metrics
  • Filter by marketing channel
    • Including marketing channel campaigns
  • Export the underlying data into Excel
  • Export the visualizations into PowerPoint
Campaign Engagement
Website Geographical Analysis
Paid Search

Future State & Innovation
InvisionNow has proven to be a successful platform, with many clients believing in the value it brings to their organizations. But this hasn’t stopped us from thinking of new ways to bring even more value to our InvisionNow clients. Here are a few areas that we are currently exploring:

  • Implementing “Ask” and “Explain” features into our Tableau dashboards, which would allow our clients to dig deeper into the data by asking a simple question and receiving insights about why different data points are performing the way they are
  • Exploring Tableau’s artificial intelligence capability, which we can utilize to build models and give our clients the ability to see predicted outcomes based on different inputs. For example, how will allocating more of the paid search budget on a specific campaign affect the number of CRM sign-ups on the website?
  • Incorporating script lift and patient-level data into our dashboards so end users will be able to compare media and website performance to lower funnel actions and conversions

Would you like to learn more about InvisionNow? Reach out to your account team today!

Author information: Adam Conley, Senior Analyst; Joey Morrisey, Director, Marketing Intelligence; Vik Singh, Invision Analyst