September 14, 2023

Digital Medicine in Pharma: A Marketers’ Guide for Launch, Promotion and Life Cycle Management

smart phone with stethoscope

Digital medicine is emerging as a revolutionary field that can transform the entire spectrum of healthcare, from proactive prevention to effective treatment of diverse medical conditions. Unlike traditional pharmaceutical medications, digital medicine products need to speak to the clinical, economic and technological benefits to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Marketers must position the brand at the intersection of clinical and economic benefits and technology.

In this POV, we discuss the unique challenges for marketing digital medicine and provide actionable information that will help guide you in these products’ launch, promotion and life cycle management.

With a deep knowledge of the unique challenges within digital medicine, industry-recognized innovation, and expertise in executing cohesive experiences across HCP and patient ecosystems, EVERSANA INTOUCH can help digital medicine brands maximize their impact with HCPs, patients and payers.