October 6, 2022

Does Science Still Sell in Pharma Advertising?

Recently, Taegan Grice, Managing Director, Creative, EVERSANA INTOUCH Engage, was interviewed by Endpoints News for a feature story on whether scientific imagery is still effective in pharmaceutical advertising.

There can be pros and cons, the article argued, since we live in complicated times regarding public opinion about science, thanks to misinformation. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach in healthcare advertising, because different fields, and different audiences, vary so widely.

This means that to talk about science, you need to use science! Tradition isn’t enough of a reason to take a certain approach. Research can help you understand what might be the most effective approach in your messaging.

In the article, Taegan uses oncology as an example of a disease state in which market research is especially important.

“If you need the science data to say this has a higher efficacy or higher tolerability profile or more safety, that’s important for a provider. A patient, however, may want to know more about the emotional or physical impact and [whether] is it more aligned with their lifestyle. That’s where maybe some of the science is important, but less so for the patient or caregiver mindset,” she said.

You can read the entire article on the Endpoints News website (subscription required).