April 20, 2021

Three Areas Payers Are Redefining Following COVID-19

glowing dollar signs

U.S. drug pricing practices have been under scrutiny for several years, and although many states have put pricing legislation in place — and federal and state governments have deliberated on strategies to reduce prescription drug costs — medication adherence remains a significant burden for many. Drug pricing was a bipartisan issue prior to COVID-19; the pandemic has only increased the level of scrutiny and rhetoric. Further, it’s led to an environment in which pharmaceutical companies and payers now need to reconsider drug costs and how payment models are determined.

Three areas influencing this evolution are value, technology, and new payer partnerships and acquisitions. To learn more about each, industry publication PM360 reached out to subject matter experts, including Intouch’s Mike Motto, SVP of market access, who weighed in on payers that are looking to expand their capabilities with new partners and acquisitions.

Get Mike’s take on the how and why, here.