July 2, 2020

Digital Transformation and COVID-19: A Catalyst for Change

touch screen

COVID-19 should serve as a wake-up call for pharmaceutical manufacturers to evaluate their own digital maturity and ability to serve customers with personalized experiences that demonstrate they truly understand and care about their needs. Addressing the shifting roles and needs of sales reps, HCPs, patients, and caregivers requires an honest assessment of the organization’s modern marketing maturity, and a prioritization of improvements.

When making this assessment, marketing leaders must consider how capable their company is across three key drivers:

  • Leveraging data to drive business and marketing strategy
  • Creating individualized customer experiences
  • Applying technology to deliver on customer expectations

To learn more about each of these drivers and how to rapidly evolve to digital maturity, read Intouch executive vice president David Windhausen’s recent piece in PM360.