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2022 Pharma Marketing Trend to Watch: Musical Chairs

The Great Resignation and other factors are changing the makeup of every group within pharma marketing. Learn more about how to thrive despite this trend from the experts at Intouch.


Telehealth’s Vital Role in Improving Oncology  

The pharma industry has the opportunity to go further, creating even better solutions that improve health along the entire continuum of care. Read on to learn more.


The Mental Health Epidemic of 2021: Cause, Effect, Solution

It's more important than ever that healthcare brands ensure information is factual, comprehensible, and available. Learn how your brand can support patients, caregivers, and HCPs when they need it most.


Urgency at SXSW: Innovate at the Speed of the Pandemic

Inequity, tech burnout, a year of isolation – the pandemic has taken a toll on each of us. Learn more about how healthcare brands can ease these burdens and move forward successfully in this changed world.


Marketing to HCPs as We Emerge From the COVID-19 Pandemic

In the face of relentless trauma, how can pharma more effectively convey important information while also building, improving, and sustaining relationships with HCPs as they care for patients? An Intouch MD weighs in.


Does Russia’s Sputnik Vaccine Twitter Account Offer Promise or Propaganda?

Intouch Group's Wendy Blackburn and Justin Chase spoke with Fierce Pharma about the country's social media approach to vaccine promotion.


Intouch Sponsors HBA Conference on Critical Healthcare Issues

What happened at this year's uber-exclusive J.P. Morgan Health Care conference? If your invite got 'lost in the mail', register for this conference, sponsored by Intouch Group, where you'll hear key takeaways from the J.P. Morgan event.


Concierge Medicine: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

How does concierge medicine affect patients, healthcare providers, and pharma? And what's pharma's role in this growing healthcare arena? Read on to find out.


CES 2021: The Digital Health Revolution & What Pharma Should Know

2021's virtual CES shined a bright and hopeful spotlight on the future of digital health. The mega-tech conference featured over 39 sessions led by industry leaders across healthcare & tech companies, providers, consultants, and payers. Get the highlights here!


Hats Off to Vaccine Scientists, Even as Distribution Lags

Soon enough, COVID-19 will be the stuff of blockbusters and bestsellers, full of cliffhangers and drama. Now, it's worth taking a moment to applaud the superhuman accomplishments of vaccine scientists worldwide.

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