May 9, 2018

Modern Marketing: The Coming AI Revolution in Pharma

Image of Modern Pharma Marketing

We work hard every day to deserve our reputation as leaders in digital health, alerting clients and colleagues to promising trends and technologies, sorting through the hype to discern what will truly advance the industry to improve patient outcomes.

So when we kept receiving questions about artificial intelligence (AI), we saw an opportunity and a responsibility to answer that call.

  • What is the future of marketing?
  • What is AI’s role in marketing?
  • How will it change marketing roles in the years to come?

In our new ebook, “Modern Marketing: Pharma’s Data-Powered AI Revolution,” we work with the Digital Health Coalition, the nonprofit industry think tank, to explain how big data is changing marketing; what AI is, how it works, and why it matters; and what the future of modern marketing is. We also polled the industry to gather their opinions on these key issues and other pressing questions.

Read the first chapter now, and sign up to get future chapters as they are released, at

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