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Google’s New MUM Technology Enables More Contextual Responses

For consumers, MUM means Google will soon provide much more value. Read on to find out why brands should care about this game-changing evolution in search.


Intouch VP to Lead Virtual Masterclass on AI Implementation

AI isn't new, but that doesn't mean it's easy to implement. To help build understanding -- about creating AI systems & the benefits pharma can reap when using them -- Intouch VP of innovation, Abid Rahman will lead a masterclass during the upcoming AHIMA2020 virtual conference.


Digital Transformation: A Guide for Pharma Marketers

Intouch VP of innovation Abid Rahman worked in collaboration with Jan van den Burg, VP of commercial strategy at Veeva, to break down what these technologies are and how to integrate data analysis, predictive modeling and automation into your business to improve customer experiences.


Why AI Should Be a Pharma Marketer’s Best Friend

There’s never been a better time to put the amazing capabilities of artificial intelligence to work in pharma marketing. Intouch VP of Innovation, Abid Rahman talks about the what, how and why - read on to learn more.


AI in Pharma Sales & Marketing: Practical Opportunities for Implementation

Whether it’s being paired with an MRI scanner to cut scan time, defeating the best gamers at strategy, or helping investors make decisions, artificial intelligence (AI) is making headlines daily. But where does pharma fit in? The buzz around AI can often be overwhelming, with little indication of how to separate wishful predictions from practical […]


Throwback Thursday: 9 Months, 9 Noteworthy Intouch Blogs

As we edge closer to the end of 2019, we wanted to stop and smell the roses, or in this case, indulge in a Throwback Thursday moment and share some of our favorite blog posts from this year. This list represents Intouch’s thinking on a range of topics, from the evolving role of artificial intelligence […]


Intouch’s Justin Chase Talks AI Tactics on the MM&M Podcast

Justin Chase, Intouch EVP of innovation and media, recently sat down to talk with MM&M senior editor Larry Dobrow about the evolution of Intouch, how it has embraced innovation from day one, his own arrival at the agency to build the innovation practice, and how Intouch has applied its AI and data analysis expertise to […]


Intouch AI: “A Pharma Marketing Venture to Watch”

We talk pretty regularly about artificial intelligence (AI) at Intouch, in part because it permeates nearly every part of our pharma marketing lives these days. But also because we’ve been in the AI game since 2012 — heck, we even wrote a book about it — and we’re proud of what our experts do to get the […]


Medical Information Teams Need AI; Here’s Why

Medical information (MI) teams are an integral part of every pharmaceutical company’s operations. These teams field questions about medications and devices from healthcare professionals – but also from scientists, patients, and company personnel. When a healthcare professional requests information about a drug or device, that’s when the MI team steps in to develop a response, […]


Pharma Marketers: Have You Found Your Voice (Search)?

Think voice search is ‘just a fad’? Think again. The continued rise of voice search is changing the way people seek information, including health information. Driving this increase is a greater reliance on mobile phones to access online content, the meteoric rise of virtual assistants and the rapid evolution of the artificial intelligence (AI) driving them. In short, […]

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