September 12, 2019

Throwback Thursday: 9 Months, 9 Noteworthy Intouch Blogs

Man pointing at white board with many post-it notes

As we edge closer to the end of 2019, we wanted to stop and smell the roses, or in this case, indulge in a Throwback Thursday moment and share some of our favorite blog posts from this year. This list represents Intouch’s thinking on a range of topics, from the evolving role of artificial intelligence in every aspect of our lives to AI’s rival “buzzword,” 5G.

AI for Rare Diseases: Putting Tech to Work for Small Populations
Artificial intelligence has been getting a lot of media coverage this year, including on our blog, but it seems justified: every time we turn around, there’s a new way to put this tech to work. In this post, we look at how AI can be harnessed to help identify the likelihood that a patient may have a rare disease.

Intouch & Regeneron’s “A Beautiful Pair” Named One of Top 10 DTC Campaigns
Earlier this year, we were delighted to learn that Ogilvy Health’s chief creative officer, Samantha Dolin, had included Intouch’s work in her list of most-creative campaigns. Check it out!

California’s New Data Privacy Law: New Thinking on its Implications for Pharma 
Data privacy is on everyone’s minds, and states like California are leading the way with legislation to help keep people’s personal information safe. In this POV, we discuss how pharma marketers are affected, and what they need to do to comply with CCPA.

Diversity and Inclusion – Is Your Brand Doing It Right?
CPG campaigns are definitely getting a handle on how to represent diverse groups, but what about pharma? If you’re feeling uncertain about how to help your campaigns reflect the way the world is today, check out this post – it includes three easy ways to get it right.

Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends Report — What Pharma Marketers Need to Know
Ms. Meeker is the end-all, be-all know-it-all when it comes to the internet and what’s on the horizon in tech. Her presentation decks are epically long, so we waded through all 333 slides so you wouldn’t have to.

Digital Health Coalition Moves Innovation Forward at East Coast Summit
Intouch regularly partners with the Digital Health Coalition to bring cutting-edge information to pharma marketers, but on this occasion, EVP Wendy Blackburn took an opportunity to let others do the talking. In this post, she shares the best of what she learned at a spring DHC event.

Pharma Marketers: Have You Found Your Voice (Search)?
Let’s be honest: search is not the sexiest topic. But what happens when search doesn’t have to be conducted via your fingertips anymore? Voice search! And how much cooler is it to simply ask your device a question and get the answer you want? Here, Intouch associate director of SEO David Cook lays out the real-world opportunities for pharma marketers who bring voice search into the mix.

Sensitive Disease State Media Targeting 
Connecting with patients who have diseases they may be sensitive about publicly acknowledging is an egg-shell walk for pharma marketers. How do you personalize messaging without turning people off, or away? Learn how with this Intouch POV, which was developed in collaboration with our programmatic media partner, PulsePoint.

Next-Gen Networks: What 5G Means for Pharma 
4G … 5G … this evolving tech affects more than just your cell phone. This POV from Intouch senior innovation manager Andrew Grojean gets you up to speed on how 5G could benefit the healthcare space and also includes what to consider when planning to integrate this exciting boost to the Internet of Things.