February 25, 2019

Intouch AI: “A Pharma Marketing Venture to Watch”

Photo of woman's hands holding phone and interacting with a chatbot

We talk pretty regularly about artificial intelligence (AI) at Intouch, in part because it permeates nearly every part of our pharma marketing lives these days. But also because we’ve been in the AI game since 2012 — heck, we even wrote a book about it — and we’re proud of what our experts do to get the most from this promising technology on behalf of our clients.

It’s easy enough for us to toot our own horns, but it’s so much better when others shine a spotlight on our work. Last December, Intouch executive vice president David Windhausen and Abidur Rahman, vice president of innovation, sat down with Med Ad News to talk about the origins of Cognitive Core, Intouch’s very own AI engine. The in-depth, 1,900-word story was featured as a Med Ad News “Venture to Watch” and chosen by editors as something that “could change the way pharmaceutical products are marketed and sold.”

To learn more about the evolution of Cognitive Core and get a peek behind the Intouch curtain to see how we use AI, read the full article here.