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Google’s New MUM Technology Enables More Contextual Responses

For consumers, MUM means Google will soon provide much more value. Read on to find out why brands should care about this game-changing evolution in search.


Algorithms and Equity: Banishing Bias in AI

Employing artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare can save lives. Bias in healthcare AI can cost them. The stakes are life and death. Learn what that looks like and how to avoid it.


Intouch VP to Lead Virtual Masterclass on AI Implementation

AI isn't new, but that doesn't mean it's easy to implement. To help build understanding -- about creating AI systems & the benefits pharma can reap when using them -- Intouch VP of innovation, Abid Rahman will lead a masterclass during the upcoming AHIMA2020 virtual conference.


Pharma Chatbots: Designing the Human Side of the Experience (Pt. Two)

In part two of this series on creating successful chatbot interactions, we talk about how to elevate your customers’ experience even further, with personalized dialog, entertainment at the right time, and the utmost attention to details.


Rare Diseases Beware: Artificial Intelligence Is Coming for You

Ninety-five percent of rare diseases lack an FDA-approved treatment. But this is where machine learning and artificial intelligence can help. Intouch and PharmaPhorum take a look at what's possible with this exciting tech.


The Power of Everyday AI

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to make daily news – even the White House has weighed in – it’s more than safe to say that this tech is not a flash in the pan that will soon fizzle out. It’s here to stay. But what does AI in everyday life look like? Check out this […]


Digital Transformation: A Guide for Pharma Marketers

Intouch VP of innovation Abid Rahman worked in collaboration with Jan van den Burg, VP of commercial strategy at Veeva, to break down what these technologies are and how to integrate data analysis, predictive modeling and automation into your business to improve customer experiences.


How Predictive Modeling Can Demystify Spillover and Drive Market Access Advantage

In the world of pharma, spillover refers to instances in which healthcare providers (HCPs) alter their prescribing behavior in response to -- sometimes inaccurate -- perceptions of restricted access, or perhaps in response to patient complaints about co-pay burden or drug pricing. Learn about what's needed to predict spillover and avoid the problems that come with it.


Why AI Should Be a Pharma Marketer’s Best Friend

There’s never been a better time to put the amazing capabilities of artificial intelligence to work in pharma marketing. Intouch VP of Innovation, Abid Rahman talks about the what, how and why - read on to learn more.


AI in Pharma Sales & Marketing: Practical Opportunities for Implementation

Whether it’s being paired with an MRI scanner to cut scan time, defeating the best gamers at strategy, or helping investors make decisions, artificial intelligence (AI) is making headlines daily. But where does pharma fit in? The buzz around AI can often be overwhelming, with little indication of how to separate wishful predictions from practical […]

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