June 8, 2022

Agency 100 2022: Cracking the MM&M “Best-Seller List”

cover of the MM&M Agency 100 issue

The MM&M Agency 100 is the annual “who’s who” of medical marketing agencies, and it’s an honor to be included each year. But this year is a very special one for us! EVERSANA INTOUCH is No. 5 this year (rankings are based off 2021 revenue) and the interview article, conducted with EVERSANA CEO Jim Lang and EVERSANA INTOUCH CEO Faruk Capan, and written by MM&M’s editor-in-chief Larry Dobrow, is a great read.

The whole article, in MM&M’s library-themed issue (each agency’s photo is designed to look like a book cover), is available here – here are our three favorite quotes!

“…Intouch Group’s digital and marketing savvy would perfectly fill the single remaining gap in Eversana’s portfolio… [and] Eversana’s commercialization might would allow Intouch to provide clients with an even more comprehensive offering.”

“And so it was that, in December, Eversana formally acquired Intouch Group, creating one of the healthcare marketing world’s biggest, leanest and most forward-minded organizations. The mechanics of the deal are blessedly simple: Each of Intouch Group’s seven agency brands will remain intact, with names slightly tweaked… The same holds for Eversana Engage.”

“‘What I want to hear is, “Eversana Intouch changed the model.” I want us to make a real difference,’ Capan says, prompting Lang to nod enthusiastically. ‘I share that same ambition,’ he adds. ‘Instead of everyone saying, “sales and marketing in pharma is way behind every other industry,” I want them saying that we’re the ones that helped pharma leapfrog all the others into that top position.'”