November 29, 2023

EVERSANA INTOUCH is Making Content Velocity Fly

For the past year, EVERSANA INTOUCH has been “pharmatizing” AI, reshaping the way healthcare content is created, approved and disseminated. The latest AI-charged approach involves an enterprise-level partnership with Adobe and the integration of Adobe Firefly, a revolutionary new generative AI technology, into the creative process. This unprecedented collaboration is elevating content creation capabilities and further advancing an omnichannel approach to deliver effective, engaging and perfectly timed content solutions for clients.

While articles abound about how AI is undercutting the role of Creatives, there are plenty of EVERSANA INTOUCH Creatives who wholeheartedly disagree. Even before the launch of ChatGPT, EVERSANA INTOUCH had an AI Creative Council, comprised of Creative leaders with a passion for what AI tools can bring to the table. Mike Gordon, VP, Group Creative Director was at the forefront of genAI image creation, “What AI can do for the creative process is game changing. The capabilities allow me to explore new ideas and execute ideas in a variety of different ways. It supercharges our ability to work more intuitively and explore a variety of executions, techniques, and concepts faster and more efficiently.” Caren Spigland, Creative Director was passionate about efficiencies genAI could deliver for writers, “LLMs are getting more and more sophisticated. While we’ll never use content as the final product, they can revolutionize the process, helping us with more of the repetitive tasks, so we can focus on the less reproducible aspects of our jobs.” These Creatives are not alone. In fact, every single EVERSANA INTOUCH Creative is trained on how to use AI tools to make doing their jobs more efficient–and more fun.

In the early days of Stable Diffusion, Dall-E or ChatGPT, there were a lot of questions that made using output for final use problematic due to copyright issues–and gen AI program limitations (remember all those weird fingers?). Firefly makes those concerns obsolete. Susan Perlbachs, Chief Creative Officer, believes this is a gamechanger for clients. “We are one of the few agencies able to use generative AI art without copyright issues. Unlike most programs, Firefly is trained only on copyright-cleared images. So everything our art directors generate is available use. And the capabilities of Firefly are mind-blowing. It looks like the best digital illustrators in the business worked for days.”

This doesn’t mean that photo shoots or TV shoots are a thing of the past. In fact, they may be more important in that they are bringing to life a brand’s core creative campaign from which larger amounts of content than ever are derived. Chris Valleskey, Group Director, Creative Technology was instrumental in championing Firefly with that vision in mind. He states, “Generative AI tools like Adobe Firefly are a multiplier for creativity, but only if they’re used appropriately. Concept-driven, creative shops who know how to wield them effectively to produce exceptional core creative campaigns will flourish, while less creative agencies will struggle to adapt.” That’s because AI can do a lot. But it’s still tough for AI to generate big campaign ideas that demonstrate empathy, emotional intelligence, and customer insights. That still takes the human touch.

Faruk Capan, Chief Innovation Officer at EVERSANA and CEO of EVERSANA INTOUCH agrees, “Clients and brands need high-speed content creation–and the ability to approve and disseminate that content quickly. Humans alone cannot do that. There must be AI/human collaboration. AI requires the framework, the assets and core components from humans.”

By harnessing the power of Adobe Firefly, EVERSANA will significantly accelerate the content creation processes. The creative generative AI models offered by Firefly allow the development of high-quality content at an unprecedented pace, enabling timely delivery of highly personalized, engaging materials to healthcare audiences.

Adobe Firefly’s advanced capabilities also allow EVERSANA to take its omnichannel offering to the next level. The innovative AI technology enables seamless content adaptation across various channels, ensuring a consistent and impactful presence across different platforms and touchpoints.

“Partnering with Adobe and integrating Firefly into our workflows aligns perfectly with our mission to continually deliver industry-leading, innovative solutions to our clients,” says Capan. “With this collaboration, we can achieve new heights in content creation efficiency, providing clients with personalized, just-in-time, data-driven content that resonates with target audiences.”

Learn more about EVERSANA and EVERSANA INTOUCH’s adoption of Adobe generative AI capabilities in the recent press release.